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1Hope4Africa is an NPO closely connected with Living Hope Church, Pretoria. 1Hope is involved in gospel-centred orphan care and a variety of efforts to promote discipleship, church strengthening, and church planting in Africa (especially in contexts with fewer resources). More specifically, 1Hope4Africa:


1) Provides Orphan Care in partnership with local churches

Muphamuzi Baby Home is a place of safety for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable babies. We seek to provide these babies with the best care possible until they are either placed with adoptive or foster parents, or returned to biological family (if biological family exists who are able and willing to care for the baby). The Home opened in February 2012, and as of April 2017, over 40 babies have been cared for through this ministry. Muphamuzi Baby Home is closely connected with Living Hope Church, and all the staff of the Baby Home are all members of Living Hope Church.


2) Provides Discipleship Resources, Conferences, and Courses that are mindful of the African context 

The African Bible Training Centre (ABTC) is our primary avenue for this. Currently, ABTC offers courses on the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Systematic Theology. Lord willing, from 2018 we will combine the Old Testament and New Testament courses into a 1 year Bible Overview course that meets one Saturday a month, so that this training can be more accessible for people who live further away. We are hopeful that this course will be a huge boost to many churches as their faithful lay people are equipped in knowing, understanding, and applying the Scriptures. We are also hoping that this course might serve as a helpful starting point and springboard for those who might want to pursue vocational ministry.

Over time, we hope to develop the African Bible Training Centre website into a hub of free resources for discipleship and ministry in the African context. We also hope to publish a variety of discipleship and ministry resources.


3) Provides various Ministry Internships

We provide Ministry Internships for men and women. Intentional discipleship is a key part of all our internships, and all our interns are immersed in the life of Living Hope Church during their time serving with us. Lady Interns serve primarily in Muphamuzi Baby Home. Male Interns serve primarily in evangelistic and diaconal avenues (service and mercy ministry).

Project Timothy is a holistic, church-centred programme, mentoring men for pastoral ministry. There are currently 3 men in this programme: Nixson Pasipanodya (from Zimbabwe) and Antony Zuze (from Malawi) are in the programme at Living Hope Church in Pretoria, South Africa. Kennedy Kachingwe is in the programme at Reformation Bible Church in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Project Timothy seeks to see participants prepared for pastoral ministry in the following ways:

  • Academic Education
  • Personal Discipleship
  • Varied Opportunities for Ministry Observation & Ministry Experience
  • Mentoring in Pastoral Ministry
  • Help in discerning, and moving towards, longer-term vocational ministry


4) Helps facilitate Church Planting

We help local churches pursue church planting by raising support for church planting efforts and providing administrative help in managing finances for church plants. We currently help Reformation Bible Church in Lilongwe, Malawi in this way (Newton Chilingulo, the church planting pastor of Reformation Bible Church, was sent out as a missionary from Living Hope Church). Lord willing, we will be able to help many more church plants in the future.

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The 1Hope4Africa Team: Josh & Marda Mack, Randy & Susan Clark, Donovan & Heather Drew, Andre & Karlien De Wit, Britt Suitt, Abi Van Kampen, Sarah Ray. Absent: Abbie Caple